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Tips for Remodeling your Home with a Contractor

The first important thing to consider will remain in your home or move out for the duration of the project. If your project involves any substantial remodeling of existing spaces, I urge you to move to temporary quarters. What do I mean by substantial? Well if it is anything more than painting or floor coverings, the work is significant. Work that involves moving walls, reworking electrical, plumbing or mechanical systems can make your home unlivable. Rent the movie “The Money Pit” and see what I mean. On the other hand, if you have an addition to your home, you may be able to remain and not be overly affected by the work. You should discuss your options with your architect/designer early on in the project.

If you are going to vacate, then move all your belongings out of the areas of work to a secure location. With the contractor in full control of your property, you don’t want things to disappear. You also may realize some savings since the contractor will know his workflow will be uninterrupted.

Contractor Bonding and Permits


A building permit is often required with structural remodeling projects To be sure, check your local requirements. If your contract does not provide that the contractor will obtain the permits and he doesn’t, you may be held legally responsible. Do not get any permit yourself. It’s best to check to ensure your contractor is both licensed and bonded by an A rated carrier. If you do, you will be considered to be the contractor, and you could be held liable if the work does not comply with the building codes.

Notice to Proceed

Before starting work, you should issue a formal “Notice to Proceed.” This will serve to document the official start date for the project and will define the agreed completion date. This is important for several reasons. First, the dates of start and completion are clearly spelled out. Second, many states have time limitations on when Liens can be filed based on those dates. Third, it lets the contractor know you will be monitoring his progress. You don’t want to have to be asking the contractor when he will be done and his answer every time is “two weeks.”

Monitor progress daily

During the work, it is important you visit the work area on a daily basis. The best time is after working hours. This way you can see if the contractor is proceeding promptly. This daily monitoring can alert you early on to potential problems the contractor may have being able to man the job or pay for materials.

Take photos

There is no better way to document progress and problems than by taking photos and lots of them. I suggest you buy a digital camera if you don’t have one and use it every time you visit the site.


First, on the subject of down payments, my advice to you is making a down payment weakens your position. A qualified contractor should have sufficient resources to fund the construction of the job without advances.
The frequency of progress payment should be defined in the contract usually weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. When the contractor submits his application for payment, the site should be visited, and the application verified against the actual work performed. Here is another instance when having an architect on your team pays many times over. An architect will visit the site, verify the work in place and provide you with a written report. He will also certify the application for payment. With this paperwork in hand, you can feel confident the contractor is not being paid for work in advance. On a personal note, the very first job I monitored early in my career the contractor submitted a payment application with a huge advance he said was for materials he had ordered. I refused to certify the payment. We later found out he was trying to scrape together enough money to pay for his Colorado deer hunting trip the next week!


Retainage is another issue to be considered during the contract negotiations and is an important safeguard for you as owner. I recommend 10% be withheld from every payment application. Your architect can advise you on this. The purpose of retainage is simply to keep the contractor interested in finishing the project. There is an old saying in construction that “the last 5% of a job is the hardest to complete”. By the time your project is 95% complete, the contractor has likely started another job. His attention is naturally focused on the job that will make him the most money for that current month. Having an extra 10% keeps him interested in completing your job.
The final payment including retainage is normally not approved until all work has been inspected, all paperwork is turned in, and any requirements of local building officials have been completed.

Inspections will occur throughout the project. There will be required local inspections performed by the local building officials. Additional inspections will be performed to certify payment applications and to monitor the progress of the work.

Change Orders
Even with the best plans and specifications, sometimes hidden conditions will be uncovered that will require a change order. These conditions can range from problems with the soils on your site to uncovered substandard construction that must be brought into compliance with current codes. For too many contractors, this is where they plan to make their money by bidding low to get the job and then hitting you with a flurry of inflated change orders. Your architect will assist you in validating any change orders negotiating a true and fair cost.
Also be aware, if you decide to make changes during the work because you don’t like something or want a different material, you will receive a change order and the price will be much higher than if you made the change during the planning stage. Again, proper planning will eliminate or minimize these costly change orders. It is not unusual for a poorly planned project to double in price during construction.

Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Law Firm

detainedmotherOutsourcing is getting to be essential to all areas and all organizations (little, medium and huge estimated). Legal firms, multinational organizations and also free specialists enlist legal outsourcing organizations for legal research and drafting, contract administration, contract and rent reflection, paralegal/prosecution bolster authorities, legal translation and digitization, and so on.

It can be difficult to settle on your own if you have to work with a law organization or not. The ideal approach to discover would be to counsel with a law firm and after that choose if you need legal representation.

A few people will let you know that the expense to contract a law firm to speak to their interests is not worth the outcomes. For someone who is interested in immigration attorney’s services, it is wise to seek the guidance of a specialist. They are either parroting the feelings of others or are accepting their assertion is valid. Those individuals who have contracted a lawyer will give you the straight certainties. They will let you know that the cost included is well justified, despite all the trouble as they improved a decent lawyer close by then they would have alone.

1. Knowledge and capability – Legal support service providers for the most part contract law graduates and paralegals, which are trained in different areas. A legal outsourcing organization offers its customers exceedingly educated support staff with broad capability in law and years of experience. These specialists have exhaustive learning about different state/national/global laws and frequently upgrade themselves with legal changes and modifications happening over the world.

2. The increase in proficiency and profitability – By contracting the services of a legal outsourcing organization, you can focus more on business advancement exercises and enhance your particular consumer loyalty. Research and drafting errands are extremely tiring and tedious, which are best outsourced to an expert. Outsourcing firms are all around prepared and prepared to work speedier.

3. Tremendous cost saving- One of the favorable variables of hiring a seaward legal support provider is colossal saving money on the expense. Hiring a full-time specialist or keeping up a legal exploration group/legal division is regularly exceptionally costly. Though, these firms offer proficient legal administrations at a moderate cost. The time and cost spared can be connected in development and advancement.

It’s vital to recall that making a legal move does not make you a terrible individual. You can support yourself and ensure your rights with respect. Working with a law firm will give you soundness all through your legal procedure. A law firm can disclose to you regardless of whether there is obligation required in the activities that drove you to be harmed.If you need to secure yourself and your family as you age and your business, think about hiring a law firm.

Easy Organic SEO Tips for Beginners

Many websites want to use SEO for optimal use. The best SEO is organic SEO. Organic SEO is the perfect combination of intuition and skill. There is a saying that many SEO writers and web designers use: write and create websites for human first and search engines second. When you create a top-notch website with excellent articles that capture someone’s interest, you are naturally going to use keywords that people will search for that topic most often. Organic SEO is simply using a strong dose of good common sense.


We’ve all seen websites that don’t look like much thought or time went into them. When you use organic SEO, you are always keeping the visitor well in mind. One San Diego SEO services company does it right. They have a detailed structure to ensure your SEO delivers the most bang for your buck. Yes, you do want to attract as many visitors as possible. You do this through having an excellent website that is both attractive and practical.

Update your site frequently – but not too frequently. Many think that SEO means to update your website all the time. This is not quite the case. You want your website to be updated with “sticky content” that has visitors returning to your website. Visitors should find articles and graphics appealing and attractive. When the articles at your website are interesting, and people want to email them to their friends: you know you have been successful. Checking your website stats for both unique and return visitors can also give you a strong indication of how your organic SEO is working.

Use multiple keywords. An excellent suggestion to employ organic SEO is to use multiple keywords. Just about every topic one can think of can have several keywords. Incorporate two to three keywords in each article. These will help the search engines catch your articles and web copy easily, knowing that they have the information that people are searching for on this topic. When articles and copy have related keywords, it is very useful for many purposes, including organic SEO.

Keep organic SEO copy at least 250 words in length. While you can occasionally write articles or copy that is shorter in length, it is probably best to keep things longer than 250 words. Articles and copy that are 250 words or longer help to capture the attention of the search engine and spiders that seek out the information when people do searches for the topics they are looking for. You don’t want your copy not to be included, simply because it is too short!

Write longer articles whenever. Many Internet Marketers have found great success in using articles that are longer than 600 words. These long articles are great at getting the search engine and spiders attention. It can be easy to request your copy to be a bit longer from your copywriter when you order it, or if you are writing it yourself simply to write a bit longer. A good practice is to try some long tail articles or copy and see how successful they are for you, notice the hits you are receiving on those particular pages. This will help you gauge your success rate.

Many have been successful at organic SEO without knowing what this was before it even had a name. These people simply created websites they were passionate about, with top-quality information. They wanted to entertain and inform visitors. They genuinely wanted their website visitor to return to their website. That is at the true heart of organic SEO: pleasing your visitors one by one.

Organic SEO should not be involved. As a matter of fact, it should be quite straightforward and very logical. Always keep the visitors’ enjoyment and appreciation well in mind, and your organic SEO success will be along right behind it!

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